Our Prints

Bold and colorful or soft and pretty our prints will change every season and feature local artists. As owner of Corks and Canvas Events, Stefanie has worked with dozens of local artists to spread the joy of learning to paint to tens of thousands of participants. As an instructor, Milari has taught thousands how to create their own original works of art. The most important thing they learned is that art makes people happy. We hope our coats will spread a little joy and provide a whole lot of happiness.


Each new seasonal drop will feature an artist’s work and we’ll continue to develop new prints and many more styles. 

Chelsea Rose

You had my heart at first glance, so pretty and sweet. She knew this print would be an everlasting love.

Garden Party

She always favors sipping bubbles and wearing roses while communing with nature for roses are the queen of the garden.

Savanna Rose

When prowling the Savanna or strolling Fifth Avenue she understands that leopard print is always a fierce choice.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy makes her happy. Light and airy and full of promise for a sweeter tomorrow.

Southwestern Sunset

She loves the colors of ancient wisdom. Sunset colors. Adobe and terra cotta against a turquoise sky.

Midnight Garden

Subtle shades of light and dark create nuances on every petal. She loves the secret beauty of a moonlit garden.

Sugar Plum

She is always a vision of joy and compassion as she rules over the Land of Sweets.

About The Artist

In the Garden Our Debut Collection

As a Pacific Northwest Artist and fifth generation steward of her family farm Peggy Stanley loves capturing the images that surround her every day from seasonal flowers to woodland creatures found on her acreage. Sharing nature’s gifts through her art has led her down many paths and now includes her newest endeavor of turning her art into fabric and clothing. Coat de Fleur features some of her favorite florals.


Reversable Puffer Coats That Warm Your Heart And Soul.


Your purchase helps support organizations that foster 

financial independence for women and support local artists.